Temporary Student Visa:

  • Normally granted for 1-3 years
  • Normally allowed to Work 20 Hrs a week (Self and Spouse)
  • Course fee around 10,000 – 15,000 AUD per year
  • IELTS needed
  • Permanent residence possible
  • For India, Need to show funds for Fees plus around 20,0000 AUD for self and 7,000 for dependantsfor dependants

Permanent Residence Visa:

  • Life Long visa
  • Can live and work in Australia
  • Can become Citizen
  • Eligible for Medical and Social Security benefits
  • Takes 1-3 Years for visa approval
  • Educational Qualifications are assessed for skills
  • IELTS needed

Temporary Residence Visa:

  • Can be lodged independently or with State Sponsorship
  • Can be awarded after studying in Australia for 2 Years
  • IELTS needed
  • May have to Live and Work in Regional Area for 2 Years
  • Can apply for Permanent Visa after two years

Temporary Tourist Visa:

  • Granted for 3 or 6 months
  • Show Significant reason to return to your country
  • Visa difficult to get for Bachelors of Prime age (20-30 etc)
  • No Work Allowed

Regional Visa (Designated):

  • If some one from family lives in regional area then concessions may apply

Work Permit:

  • Can Live and Work in Australia
  • Need a sponsorer in Australia who gives a job
  • Applicant has to find job himself before applying the visa

Doctors and Nurses and other medical related occupations:

  • Allowed to come for supervised training
  • Have to clear appropriate examination


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