• Life Long visa
  • Can live and work in Australia
  • Can become Citizen
  • Eligible for Medical and Social Security benefits
  • Takes 1-3 Years for visa approval
  • Educational Qualifications are assessed for skills
  • IELTS needed

Australia has skill shortage. This means, Australia needs people who can work in a particular field. These people are encouraged to come to Australia, work here and finally settle down here. The applicant thus enjoys a better life style and other benefits like social security, medical etc.

This visa is for the family.

This program is also known as the General Skilled Migration. It is for people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia (in a list called SOL: Skilled Occupation List). Applicants must be over 18 and under 45 years of age and good english language ability (IELTS).

An applicant can also try for a State Sponsorship. State Sponsorship is when a state sponsors the applicant and applicant has to live and work in that state for two years. Also, each state has its own list of occupations. The applicant’s occupation should be on that list to successfully qualify for the sponsorship.

It is worth mentioning that self calculation by the applicant may result in incorrect points which may result in rejection of visa. IAF has handled many such cases where in the applicant decided to pursue his own case and made factual errors which resulted in their visa rejection. IAF advises that for such a major change, it is better to use services of a professional agent rather than self-doctoring.

Before lodging the application, an applicant needs to have successful IELTS, successful skill assessment (skill assessment is effectively verification of educational documents and work experience).

Normally an Engineer, IT Person, Teacher, Doctor (or related) has better chances of PR. Tradespeople also have strong chances but getting skill assessment done for these occupations is a complex job and needs plenty of documents. Example: A Trade Person may have to undertake a practical examination, An engineer has to write some Project reports, an IT person normally should have worked in IT for 4-6 years atleast, A Doctor/ Nurse may have to appear for a theoretical exam and then a practical exam.

Hence having an agent will definitely help.


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