“I had unsuccessfully applied for Permanent Residence of Australia after studying here. I had to leave Australia in shambles and had lost all the hope. After a recommendation and some years I tried to try again through Monil however I did not hope for any miracles. Surprise Surprise, he got me a successful Permanent Residence against all my hopes.”

C J Abhijata Satish

“I came to Australia as a Student spending Thousands of Dollars with an eye for a Permanent Residence. I can say my Indian agent did cheat me. Monil advised me that I may apply for my Permanent Residence. Through his expert guidance and processing, I got a successful IT Professional Assessment and got my Permanent Residence thereafter. I thank my stars that I met him else I would still be stuck in the Student Visa with minimal hope of PR”

Sanju Sukumaran

My Client Goldy’s student visa was rejected by the Department. Mr Arora took the case with the Department and pursued it consistently. Finally the department accepted the folly and approved the visa. It was first time I had seen the off-shore visa decision been revoked and reversed.

Vishal Manocha

“I had experience of four years in hospitality sector and I wanted an international career. Monil guided me step by step in identifying my course of action, selecting country, course, college etc, getting my documents ready and finally securing me and my family appropriate visa. I never felt that I am being forced to choose something as he always offered me the options and their + and - and made me choose. I thank my friends who introduced me to him for guidance.”


“There were so many rejections in the market that I was scared. But then Mr Arora called me up, discussed my case with me and prepared me for the interview. As a result, after the interview, the Interview Officer actually stood up and congratulated me on my interview”

Parminder Singh

“I came to Australia on a tourist visa. I met Veenu to discuss my future and she not only helped me in getting a student visa in my field of interest but also guided me from day one to facilitate my Permanent Residence”

Heena Patel

“I can't thank you enough. You made it happen for me”


“Mate, this is the day when all my dreams come true, thank you so much”


“I thought getting a visa is not difficult. After associating with you, I am grateful that I engaged your services. I would never have got my permanent resident if it was not for you”


“I don't believe it. I had two failed skills assessment and you got me not only a positive skills assessment but also points for my work experience”


“I am so glad I met you and followed your advice. It was two years ago. Now none of my classmates got a PR but I got one. Thank you”


“Oh my God Monil, it was such a difficult journey but you never lost hope and direction and got me a PR. I am sure it was only you who could have done it”


“Monilji, so many years, so many changes in the rules, but you never let me go and never charged me extra. I will see you soon as a PR”


“After more than 8 years in Australia and now I got my PR, only you could do it”


“My visa was cancelled and I was in detention. You got me out and let me stay with my family”

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