• Normally granted for 1-3 years
  • Normally allowed to Work 20 Hrs a week (Self and Spouse)
  • Course fee around 10,000 – 15,000 AUD per year
  • IELTS needed
  • Permanent residence possible
  • For India, Need to show funds for Fees plus around 20,0000 AUD for self and 7,000 for dependants


Student Visa is for a person who wants to come and study in Australia. It is NOT a “license” to “Permanent Residence” but gives an opportunity to apply for “Permanent Residence” once the studies are finished. A Student can do his Schooling (till Year XII), Trade Certificate/ Diploma (like cookery, carpentry, Printing, Automobile etc), Degree (like BBA, Nursing, IT), Post Graduate (like MBA, Accounting, IT etc) or a Doctorate in Australia.

The student is normally allowed to bring his dependants with him and work for 20 hours a week (normally). Normally the dependant is also allowed to work for 20 hours a week.

Depending upon the country, a student has to show funds available to him or his sponsorer for the course. Normally, for India, the funds to be shown are 18,000 A$ + Course Fee (between 10-15,000 A$) for Self. For spouse further 7,200 A$ have to be shown. Sponsorer can only be self, spouse, brother, sister, mother, father or Grand Parents. In-Laws are not acceptable sponsorer.

Once the course is finished, then depending upon the provisions, a permanent residence may be possible.

Normally a Trade Course is for 2 years and Degree for three years. Post Graduate is for two years.

A Medical and IELTS will most probably be needed.

IAF can help the student by securing an admission for him and lodging the e-visa for him. It is IAFs responsibility to deal with the department for all visa related issues. There is no charge from our side but visa fee (currently 540 A$) is to be paid by student. The course fee and other related expenses (like IELTS, Medical, Travel) are also borne by the student.

IAF can arrange admission in any institute and will receive commission from that institute for the admission.


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